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"Proudly imperfect"

Letzte Woche hat Ann Weiser Cornell ein neunzigminütiges Seminar mit dem Titel "Proudly Imperfect" gegeben, um die Teilnehmer dabei zu unterstützen, lähmenden Perfektionsmus zu überwinden. Um sich auf das Seminar vorzubereiten, hat sie herumgefragt, welche Erfahrung Leute mit diesem Thema gemacht haben. Hier meine Antwort:

Hi Ann,

I used to have a part that demanded perfection - especially related to my work - because it was worried some other part of me wouldn't be able to enjoy itself if things are not done perfectly.

However, there has been a shift. In addition to a lot of Focusing, watching people who I really appreciate (such as you, Rick Hanson, and others) doing a great job without trying to be perfect has made the worried part in me a lot softer. It does come up occasionally and when it does I just say hello to it and acknowledge its worries. Having a wife who doesn't aim at perfection also helps.

The title of your seminar "Proudly Imperfect" resonates very strongly for me. Now I feel that I can be proudly imperfect AND enjoy myself immensely at the same time.




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